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We help corporate partners look past the next deadline and think about the trends and tech that will shape their future businesses

  • Foresight Events 

    We create original and inspiring corporate events. These serve to prepare the minds of business leaders and R&D chiefs for latest innovation across science fields and their potential to shape the future as globally disruptive technologies. We’re not talking meals in pill form or interstellar commuting – our visionary academics offer first sight of breakthrough lab discoveries, grounded in hard science and supported by rigorous analysis of prevailing trends. What new opportunities await your organisation? 

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  • Futorial Workshops

    We facilitate a special kind of deep dive workshop, called a Futorial, which invites corporate guests to use physical and digital tools to explore what lies ahead. It is a highly interactive and fast paced workshop – typically around 2hrs – in which they interact with experts, share ideas, identify preferred future states, test them against peers and explore the ‘so what?’ Which industry sectors will need to change and what does that mean for your organisation?

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  • Inventing the Future

    We stimulate partnerships with world-leading scientists, clinicians and engineers, as well as provide access to entrepreneur networks and student enterprise to help quickly flip ideas into innovation. Tech Foresight offers a launchpad for turning your preferred predictions into prophecies that, through invention and innovation, might just fulfill themselves. Would you like to go further than blue-sky thinking with prototyping or joint venture research? 

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Tech Foresight Partners

  • Syngenta
  • Anglo American
  • Huawei
  • BP
  • Syngenta
  • BTG
  • GE
  • National Grid
  • RioTinto
  • Rolls Royce
  • BT
  • Shell
  • The Atomic Weapons Establishment
  • Thomson Reuters

“The areas we know least about are the most interesting to me, especially if it's a view of where we've come from and where we're going. The lectures are very well prepared and accessible, which is essential when it’s probably the first time you’ve heard the subject in such depth.”Jonathan Legh-Smith, Head of Partnerships & Strategic Research
“Foresight is central to the strategic plans of Shell in adapting to a world that’s changing rapidly by technology. Shell's Senior Leadership Team joined TF for a one-day event to ask: what is next? What will the next 20 years offer in terms of new opportunities and unforeseen consequences?”Malcolm Salisbury, External Research Innovation
“For me the excitement is in projecting into the future. We seldom get the chance to do this with such a variety of experts in business and it’s great to do this with the scientific community we find here at Imperial.”Stuart Dunbar, Senior Syngenta Fellow