Imagine a future world where...

Dealing with Uncertainty

A set of provocative ideas designed to stimulate strategic discussions about alternative futures across four topical themes: cities, resources, workforce and data.

Considering each card separately, or together with other cards, ask yourself:

Dealing with Uncertainty was developed by Imperial Tech Foresight.

Imperial Tech Foresight works to prepare senior corporate and R&D leaders for technological disruptions that lie downstream of today’s breakthrough lab discoveries.

As a focal point for long-range forecasting, horizon scanning and futures analysis, the team combines insight from Imperial College’s world leading faculty with in-house expertise in forecasting, forward thinking and planning methods to deliver world-class foresight through bespoke events, workshops and multimedia content.

Our mission is to broaden and deepen relationships between Imperial College London and our external partners in ways that stimulate discussion, collaboration and the imagination.

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