2036: Tech ForesightJun242016
Event: 24 June 2016

2036: Tech Foresight
Future of materials science, additive manufacturing and design

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Four Imperial academic foresighters joined members of the Imperial Business Programme, senior College staff, researchers and postgraduates for Tech Foresight 2036, a one day event exploring the future of materials science, additive manufacturing, design and human experience over the next twenty years. TF2036 built on discussions started in Davos in 2016 about the ‘fourth industrial revolution' and the disruptive potential of connected systems, prototyping and automation.


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21 mins
Prof Mary Ryan

Engineering the lifespan of future materials


25 mins
Dr Billy Wu

What's next for additive manufacturing?


17 mins
Prof Saeema Ahmed-Kristensen

What if a computer could design?


19 mins
Prof Neil Mansfield

Human experience and performance 2036

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Tech Foresight 2036

Presentation Development: Kit Huckvale

Speaker Training: Sarah-Lloyd Hughes, Helen Thompson-Whiteside

Graphic Design: Kit Huckvale, Rob Osborne

Event Operations/Logistics: Jolanta Leonaite

Filming: Tantrwm