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Cool Plastics for a Greener World @ Fresh Water Contamination Expo 2016Oct122016
Event: 12 October 2016

Cool Plastics for a Greener World @ Fresh Water Contamination Expo 2016

Professor Natalie Stingelin will be presenting her vision for a future of 'cool plastics' at the Fresh Water Contamination Expo which will be held on October 12-13 at ExCeL London.

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Prof Natalie Stingelin

Foresight: Cool Plastics for a Greener World

With seabirds trapped in multipack drink rings, and mid-ocean islands of indestructible rubbish, the idea that plastics could play a big part in a sustainable future world might seem far-fetched. However, new smart plastics may yet rescue the reputation of this all-consuming 20th century material. Research into so-called ‘cool plastics’ for cars and buildings could reduce the need for air conditioning and, thus, improve their energy efficiency. We will present recent efforts to design plastics of desired functions targeted for a greener world. One line of enquiry is to explore the potential of plastics that can offer the same flexibility, softness and weight reductions but can control the flow of light and heat therefore assisting energy harvesting but also reducing the energy we waste to keep buildings at the temperature we want.

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