World Economic Forum Industry Strategy Meeting 2015Sep292015
Event: 29 September 2015

World Economic Forum Industry Strategy Meeting 2015

Imperial Tech Foresight ran two Futorials at the World Economic Forum Industry Strategy Meeting in Geneva, Switzerland focussing on the future of artificial intelligence and advanced materials.

Futorial: Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Self-driving cars and autonomous weapon systems provide a glimpse into the realities of a world with artificial intelligence.

This futorial asked what risks and opportunities will arise from scaling up artificial intelligence and machine learning in the marketplace? Imperial Foresighter Alessio Lomuscio joined MIT Principal Research Scientist Andrew McAfee to present their visions to stimulate debate and discussion.


Prof Alessio Lomuscio
Foresight: The race against ‘thinking’ machines


By 2035, the prevalence of intelligent rational autonomous agents – perhaps even those that cooperate in large numbers – is set to increase and profoundly diversify within sectors such as mining, military, transportation and space exploration. As system complexity grows, the potential for novel, unexpected and emergent behaviours increases. Alessio's talk explored the potential for strategies that can control these risks.

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Futorial: Materials of the Future

Since graphene, there has been a surge in the discovery of innovative materials with a range of potential applications, from low-cost display screens to efficient recharging of batteries transforming the future of power, to breakthroughs in tissue engineering and drug delivery transforming the future of healthcare.

Supported by Imperial Foresighter Mary Ryan and Prof Demetri Psaltis from Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne , this interactive futorial explored how the latest breakthroughs in materials science stand to revolutionize industry.


Prof Mary Ryan
Foresight: Materials of the future


Rapid developments in materials science promise products that will last longer, use less energy to produce and even display smart properties, such as self-healing and heat scavenging properties. Mary presented a thematic overview of applications arising from the ability to combine chemistry with nanostructuring to engineer new materials.

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Presentation Development: Alex Ayad, Kit Huckvale

Futorial Development: Kit Huckvale, Alex Ayad, Martin Farrell