World Economic Forum: Annual meeting 2018Jan282018
Event: 28 January 2018

World Economic Forum: Annual meeting 2018

By: Anna Cupani

In the Swiss town of Davos, every January world leaders from government, business and national and international institutions gather to discuss the future of the planet.
This year the theme was "Creating a shared future in a fractured world".

Three academics from Imperial College London took part to the event and discussed how science and technology will play a key role in solving global challenges. 
As members of the Food and Nutrition network, involving several teams and departments across College, they are all working to tackle the problem of how to feed an increasing population in a way that is at the same time sustainable, inclusive and healthy for the individuals and the planet.

Prof. Gary Frost from the faculty of Medicine described how under- and over-nutrition are two sides of the same coin and how his work on guts will help to treat them both.

Dr. Marisa Miraldo from the Business School talked about personalised interventions to effectively improve people eating habits.

Dr. Laura Barter from the faculty of Natural Sciences illustrated how her study of a key enzyme involved in photosynthesis will allow us to increase the crop yield.

Watch our academics and the 5 min talks they gave at Davos.

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