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Can you ever really trust an autonomous machine?

The future will see a revolution as progress in computer science translates into machines with ever greater degrees of functional independence. As autonomous systems become part of everyday life in safety-critical settings such as healthcare and infrastructure maintenance, questions of whether these systems can be reliably trusted become increasingly important.

"I'm curious we can ensure that autonomous ‘thinking’ machines will do what humans want without risking unforeseen consequences."Alessio Lomuscio


Alessio Lomuscio is Professor in Logic for Multi-Agent Systems and EPSRC Leadership Fellow in the Department of Computing at Imperial College London. The recipient of multiple European Framework Programme (FP7) funding awards, Alessio has authored over 120 peer-reviewed publications and is a globally-recognised expert in model checking and computational logic for artificial intelligence. Alessio originally trained as a chartered electronic engineer in Italy before completing his PhD in multi-agent systems at the University of Birmingham.


A new class of model checking techniques is opening a window into the behaviour of complex artificial intelligence systems. Beyond assuring safety, these techniques will speed the introduction of future generations of machines that can learn from their environment and cooperate together, powering new services and manufacturing processes.

Alessio’s research asks:

  • What hazards arise when the behaviour of non-deterministic, ‘intelligent’ systems defies our expectations?
  • What role can modelling play in uncovering potential hazards within both individual autonomous systems and interacting networks of autonomous agents?
  • What kinds of practical infrastructures and safeguards are needed to enable the introduction of autonomous systems in high-risk applications such as aviation and manufacturing?

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