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Hybrid human and machine learning

We generate huge amounts of data every day - it’s a byproduct of our daily life. We don’t have the ability to process all this data and what happens if this data is compromised due to malicious interventions and use? In the future we will see new computer software for data processing and security. There will be a revolution in crowdsourcing which will help us to juggle this big data. This is a world where computer systems are pervasive and inextricably linked into the fabric of the physical space we inhabit.
"I'm curious about... how we can build software systems that can assist us in our daily lives while optimising the amount of resources we are using.Dr Emil Lupu


Dr Emil Lupu is a Reader in Adaptive Computing Systems in the Department of Computing and an Associate Director with the Institute for Security Science and Technology, where he leads the Academic Centre of Excellence in Cyber Security Research. Emil obtained his PhD from Imperial College London under the supervision of Prof Morris Sloman.


Dr Emil Lupu has several research projects in the areas of pervasive computing, trust and security and policy-based network and systems management. He is interested in the following questions:

  • How do we build algorithms, which can extract meaningful knowledge from all this data?

  • Can crowdsourcing help us to manage this data more effectively?

  • Can we build algorithms, which will adapt and respond to the environment and our needs? 

Dr Emil Lupu's predicitions from 2014 




Within 5 years

Computer systems that adapt to their environment.

Algorithms developed to help us extract meaning from big data.


Within 10 years

Crowdsourcing - virtual workforces will be a normal part of life.


Within 20 years

An interlinked human/ computer world, where machines learn from our behaviour and make changes to the infrastructure in accordance with that knowledge.



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