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Producing the ultimate programmable living nanomachines

Living systems represent the ultimate programmable machines, but the watery world they typically inhabit does not comply with the robustness, performance and reliability we have come to expect from programmable silicon microprocessors. By discovering biological design principles and defining biology as an engineering discipline, could we design and control new biological systems as easily as we architect buildings, create software or manage industrial machinery?

I'm curious about whether... "a cell could be programmed and controlled as reliably as a silicon chip"Guy-Bart Stan


Dr Guy-Bart Stan is the Head of the Control Engineering Synthetic Biology group in the Department of Bioengineering and the Centre for Synthetic Biology and Innovation at Imperial College London. Before joining Imperial College, Guy worked in the Control Group at the Department of Engineering of the University of Cambridge.

Guy comes from a multidisciplinary background, having a first degree in Electrical Engineering (Electronics), a PhD in Applied Sciences (mathematical modelling, analysis and control of complex systems), and having worked during the last decade at the intersection of engineering and biology.


Guy-Bart's research explores the modelling, analysis and design of biological systems and the development of engineering methods to facilitate the creation and control of living cells.

He asks:

  • How can the paradigm of control engineering be applied to synthetic biology?
  • What is required to enable the vision of a robust "biofoundry" pipeline from cell design to synthesis?
  • What kinds of control mechanisms are needed to enable effective governance of synthetic biology?



Foresight and futures work

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