Could and should we be outsourcing our discovery to AI, and what does this mean for scientific discovery and creativity? How can society prepare for future AI and human collaboration?

AI and its application are being hyped and discussed across a range of industries. These new technologies are helping researchers explore fundamental processes in chemistry and biology from photosynthesis to the development of new molecules. As new technologies impact on scientific discovery and society more broadly, we will begin to see more interesting symbiotic relationships between AI and humans. In a session at Tech Foresight 2038, Professor Mimi Hii and Dr Mark Kennedy discussed whether we should outsource our discovery to AI and what it might mean for the future.

Quantum: might it herald a new science fiction future?
Or are we already using a type of quantum device in our pockets? And what industries may be disrupted?

Dr Neil Alford
The Associate Provost for Academic Planning and former Vice-Dean
for Research in the Faculty of Engineering at Imperial College London